you need
  • - solar battery.
life of modern man is inconceivable without electricity due to which are various forms of communication, working televisions and other household appliances.But life at Lysina impossible to even imagine.And if the planet Earth to produce electricity humanity had built a number of different generating stations, then receive it in space takes place exclusively at the expense of solar installations.In orbit crews live life to the fullest, without interruption operate various devices that consume electricity.
Space technologies have penetrated into our lives.For example, in a country house or cottage, situated in the countrysi
de, ideal, absolutely safe in all respects, to generate electricity will be installing solar panels.
for her chosen place of accommodation, the most illuminated by the sun during the day, preferably on the south side of the site. battery can be mounted on the roof or free-standing pedestal.
mounting bracket as possible be equipped with swivel-tilt mechanism by which the energy source is operated with maximum efficiency.Since the efficiency of the device is directly dependent on the angle of incidence of sunlight on solar cells panel considered the perfect right angle.
to automate the process of converting sunlight into electricity, it is connected by a cable with low resistance through the controller to the gel batteries, and to generate an AC voltage of 220 volts, designed to power household equipment is used converter (converter).
Solar power does not require constant intervention from the owner.Its maintenance is reduced to periodic cleaning of the panel from dust and other contaminants.