determine which boiler would be preferable for you - gas or electric.Electric water heater is able to operate from the normal electrical network, it does not require a power supply line to fail.Existing boilers powered by the network have a capacity of 1-6 kW.In contrast to the electric, gas water heater has the advantage of heating time.To heat 150 liters of water in the gas boiler will require a little more than an hour, but electric boiler will heat this amount of water for two or three hours.
appreciate the complexity of the installation of both devices.For gas boiler will need to build a chimney.When installing this water heater must be considered as the design of the device - it is open or closed combustion chamber. Boiler open chamber to install complicated.
At lower gas cost advantage on the side of the gas heater, however, the cost of it, including installation costs, significantly more than the cost of purchasing an electric boiler.Price makes electric boiler more popular.
Select your size tank boiler.Too much water heater will cost more and require much higher expenditures on energy.When choosing the optimum volume refer to the number of family members and those on which particular economic needs and consumes water.One person is recommended to choose a water heater capacity of 50-70 liters.For a family of three or four suitable boiler capacity of 120-200 liters.
Rate inner coating tank boiler.It can be made of stainless steel, glass porcelain or titanium sputtering.From the type of coverage it depends largely on the life of the water heater and its cost.The coating of enamel or glass porcelain is not subject to corrosion, but the enamel is sensitive to sudden changes in temperature.More durable titanium coating, the cost of which is better.
When choosing a heater is also desirable to be able to explore its interior.The thicker walls of the tank, the better.Consider also the size of the magnesium anode.Preferably the anode is large in size - in this case, you rarely have to resort to the services of the boiler to replace the anode.