you need
  • - plug diameter of 100 mm;
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - a hammer;
  • - Bulgarian;
Start removing sewage from the tee main riser "standpipe riser-flat", a diameter of 100-100-100.It is inserted into another tee "riser-toilet-sink" with a hole diameter 100-100-50.Remove the tee and the hole in the tee main riser put the cap diameter of 100 mm.
Disassemble sewage network, using a hammer, a screwdriver and a grinder, from the junction tee "riser-toilet-sink".After undocking connections continue dismantling the entire network, pulling the free end of the tube (turn tube around its axis).In turn remove the pipe from the tee to the tub and the sink in the bathroom, the toilet in the bathroom and the kitchen sink.Old
pipes can be cast in gray and not go free, cut them out one by one Bulgarian, and if necessary, gently beat off with a hammer to avoid damage to the main riser.
All extracted fragments of pipes chop hammer or grinder cut into convenient pieces for transport.The resulting debris collect and dispose.It is not recommended to throw rubble in places where the accumulation of household waste.