If you decide to install acrylic bathtub, study the range that you are offered in stores and ask the seller a certificate for each product.Then find online information on manufacturers.Pay attention to her experience in the market and customer reviews on the quality of products.
Because authenticity certificate check is difficult, be careful when buying.Push your hands on the bottom and side of the bath - they should not sag, as the product may one day just burst under the pressure of the water.
Bath manufactured by vacuum forming acrylic sheet.Acrylic is not strong enough, so the composition of the finished plumbing reinforced polyester res
in and fiberglass.Look carefully cut the bath: it must consist of acrylic sheet thickness of 4-5 mm and a reinforcing layer.Wherein the acrylic layer is unlikely to exceed 5 mm, otherwise the product price becomes very high.
Prostuchite sides and bottom of the tub - the sound should be dull.This is evidence of sufficient thickness and strength of the product.Bathtub rim should not shine through.
Pay attention to the quality of coverage - it should be glossy and shiny.The matte surface is an indication that the bath is made of cheap plastic.The surface should be no scratches, chipping and other damage.
If you are not going to strengthen the installation side and the bottom of the brick, special attention to the method of installing the bath.It is desirable that this was a strong frame, not the legs.
You can choose any color bath to make it fit into the interior.However, when choosing a design, keep in mind that high-quality acrylic poorly to the strain.Therefore, for the manufacture of baths bizarre shapes are the material of lower quality.
Together with bathroom, purchase a set of tools to care for her.To wash of acrylic products can not use abrasives and a stiff brush.Minor damage to the surface can be eliminated by covering them with a liquid acrylic with a brush.Major defects we clean with fine sandpaper, then just cover the acrylic.