you need
  • - toilet discharge at 45 degrees;
  • - bell;
  • - sewer pipe;
  • - Elbows;
  • - fasteners;
  • - silicone sealant.
Remove from the room all the extra items, furniture, sanitary devices that may interfere with work.Put together the elements of the supply elbows - two angular outlet 90 ', made of polyvinyl chloride having a diameter of 110 mm, for the toilet outlet 45' with a seal release segment sewer pipe with the pipe diameter is 110 mm.It can be used as an extension for the transitional knee, which allows you to move more freely toilet.This process is not easy - it is necessary to achieve the best possible tight connection pipes.
After fitting the taps make a mark using the pen or pencil in the ground line connection.So then it will be easier to assemble the structure.Now disassemble the
knee and treat silicone lubricant rubber sleeves that are a part of the compounds.They are set to the original location and then re-assemble the abductor design.Challenge her to join the production of the toilet, and the opposite end into the sewer pipe, which is part of the design of the riser.
performing these steps, proceed to adjust the discharge height.Make sure that the design had a uniform slope from the toilet to the riser with the angle of more than two degrees.The pedestal of the toilet, there are holes - through them check point marker, which will be assigned to the toilet after the final transfer to a new place.
Install drain the tank into place.Make sure that it is not against a wall.The marks made on the floor, drill a hole into which it will be necessary to insert plugs.Thus, ironically the toilet is fixed to the spot.At the end in the work to reinstall the toilet - will only bring other pieces of furniture in the room.