you need
  • Tools:
  • - Bulgarian
  • - goggles
  • - welder
  • - soldering
  • - punch
  • - a set of dice
  • - hammer
  • - chisels
  • -a set of keys
  • Materials:
  • - water pipes
  • - fittings
  • - locknut
  • - FPM tape
  • - tow
  • - cranes
Begins waterwith the project.Make a chart of the aqueduct, where you consider the placement of all sanitary units, types of water fittings and water pipes themselves.Having on hand a detailed and precise drawing with all dimensions, you can safely go to the hardware store and buy the necessary parts.Despite the diversity of water pipes recommend buying plastic, they compare favorably with the metal resistant to corrosion.Yes, and durability are in no way inferior metal.The cost of plastic pipes below.Their connections are strong, as are welded high-t
emperature welding machine, they can also lay within the walls.Metal pipes are not allowed to lay inside the walls.
When calculating material, include a number of fittings used for supplying to the boiler and mixer, as well as running meters of the pipes themselves.When purchasing be sure to make the stock, which is typically 10% of materials and accessories.If you take back to back, you definitely will not be enough.
purchase the materials, go to negotiate in public utilities to disconnect water.If it is an apartment in a building, the plumber will shut off the water at everyone who is connected to your riser.To make it less dissatisfied, do it on a weekday, when most of your neighbors will be at work.
When replacing pipes, you must first remove the old ones.After removing the pipe proceed to the new assembly.If you purchase the metal pipes, all chopped fate Provide thread which cut die of the desired diameter.Lubricate metal can be conventional bacon.For bond strength, screw locknut and her tow or FPM feed.Now, the compound can be welded.First weld the main riser, and then taps.If done correctly, when the water should not be a leak.
After you have installed the riser and taps, you can begin the installation of the pipes in the bathroom, kitchen and toilet.