Measure bathroom.If the place is small, choose a small cabin.It is best to take a square or rectangular model is not less than 80x80 cm. Because of your movement during washing nothing will constrain.If the car is not round, but a little, it will be difficult to turn around.Refer to the trusted manufacturers, look online reviews of the owners.Ask the seller a minimum of accessories included.Necessary to have a hose, watering cans, bars.
Check mount shower head is usually held on the rod kit via holder.Try to tilt it at any angle, even upside down.Nozzles are plastic and metal.Chrome-plated darkens with time.
Ask the seller to show you the attachment device and explain
how it works.There are several options for supplying jets: normal rain, a soft jet of saturated air (good for washing long hair), massage jet, when only a few of the central hole, and the pressure remains the same.Eco-jet will be particularly necessary if the apartment delivered water meters.By incorporating a turbo-jet, you will see how the water is not a traditional pour rain and hit a powerful jet, which is indispensable for a hard massage.
Read the instructions in the shower.If the car is equipped with a self-cleaning function, it will be easier to use design.If not, ask what household chemicals you can carry out cleaning.
Choose a model based on the presence in it of water saving.Lakey Budget cheapest in which one or two versions of jet.Twice as much as the middle class, equipped with different variants of the jet, there are more than the original design.Eco-spray will save water, premium-class - three times more expensive than economy class, but satisfies even the highest demands.
Decide what material hose must be in the cockpit.Durable - molded plastic, inside a spiral metal coil is not in contact with water.Transparent materials - are not suitable for use in Russia.Rust, lime will settle on the surface of the hose.Feel detail hands than it tougher - the better.
Ask what material made the sash and the pallet.For this purpose, high-impact plastic or tempered glass.If such a break, sharp chips will not.The cost of these cabs is high, moreover, plastic ephemeral: it becomes cloudy, and it remains soap stains.Choose stained material or pattern - so long will continue its aesthetic appearance.
Touch the tray, it may be made of acrylic, marble or marble chips, earthenware, steel, enameled metal.Steel pallets cheap and easy, but not durable and strong bend.Also, they are very noisy in the fall of water.Enameled pans have a drawback: the coating can shear.Pallets made of faience stable, but very easy to beat.Marble does not make noise under the pressure of the water, they are hard to break, retain heat well, but have a higher price.Acrylic - light, strong, durable, but much sag, so make sure the pan is well fortified.
Choose a multifunction cabin that combines massage, Turkish bath, radio and telephone?Examine the nozzle installed.How can they deliver the water, in which mode it is possible to change the pressure of the water supply.Shower with waterfall means that your head at the same time poured 130 liters of water.You will need to close the water drain and collect the water in a pan.Built-in pump will pump water into the upper part of the cabin and create coveted waterfall.Before purchasing such a model, check in ZhEKe information about water pressure in the pipes at home, the allowable minimum - 1.5 a barrel.
Look at the top of the cabin when the cabin, built-in Turkish bath, it should be closed.It is necessary that the steam does not come out (the temperature reaches 40-45 degrees) and maintained within the desired heat.Well, when there is a seat in the cockpit since you'll have to spend at least 20 minutes to warm up.Disperses steam fan, without it it will just go up as a result, his feet will be cold, and head - too hot.