not refer to issues of economy, because the water faucet called to serve for many years as well as provide you a comfortable supply.Plastic can very quickly get out of order, because the material is fairly fragile.
most durable and long-lasting is the water faucet , made of brass.After all, this material does not corrode, very durable and has high aesthetic characteristics.
water inlet valve can be divided by type mixers.There are standard classical model with two valve unscrewed s, but the most popular are mixers having a rotatable handle.The
ir advantages lie in the fact that in these crane ah do not break valves, gaskets are much longer, and do crane s most durable.There are models of water faucet s with buttons, but the system chosen few, because not all consumers know how to use them.
The right choice for the bathroom faucet affects many: the convenience of use, the frequency of replacement of parts and saving water.They all can be divided into two groups: dvuhventilnye and single lever.
single-lever mixers can be with ball or ceramic cartridges.They, thanks to its design, makes it quite easy to turn on and off the crane itself , set the desired temperature, and you can do with one hand.Installed water temperature will remain unchanged even when you turn on the tap well.These mixers are versatile: the power pressure and the water temperature is controlled by one valve.Another advantage-lever mixers is significant water savings that can be cut off in one swift movement of the lever.Its design is very reliable.
twin valve equipped with two special valves: Hot and cold water, with which there is regulation of water temperature.The advantage of the twin valve is lower cost and ease of repair.