first determine what you will be heated with a gas heating.In that case, if you're going to heat only the air, you need a single-loop heating boiler, but if you want more heat and water, then double-buy.For two-circuit boiler is connected to the water vodonakopitel, which will warm up the water.For the private sector are more commonly used single-circuit boiler, as they are more reliable and less likely to fail.But in order to properly select the boiler , necessary to pay attention not only on the type of boiler and its components.

Above all, this pipe.Pipes for the boiler can be made of different materials.Metal pipes are the least expensive, but are susceptible to corrosion.Copper pipes - one of the most expensive, but they are easily oxidized, and

plastic pipes generally are not designed to heat over a hundred degrees.The best option is a pipe made of metal: they are resistant to corrosion and to high temperatures.

Regarding the choice between a source of fuel for the boiler, there is still determined primarily by the size of the heated space.Electric boilers on the market capacity is able to heat a house to an area of ​​one hundred square meters.In addition, it consumes a lot of electricity.However, the electric boiler has its own advantages.Firstly, they have the burner and the wick, so they are the safest.Secondly, they are quite light and occupy a small volume, without requiring installation in the hotel room.Finally, electric boilers operate absolutely silently.

By cons of electric boilers is the fact that for heating large areas they require separate wiring or three-phase mains.But even in this case, the boiler works can create congestion in the electrical network, because of which will be left without light several homes.In addition, elektrokotёl not able to work independently, so that if any issues with the electricity the house will be left without heating.

Gas boilers are among the most powerful heating devices : they are able to maintain a comfortable temperature even on an industrial scale.Thus the efficiency of such boilers is quite high and they give much more energy than they consume.However, they have their disadvantages.Firstly, to install them you will need to obtain permission Gazgortehnadzora.Secondly, you need to install it take a special room, strictly complies with safety standards.Furthermore, gas boiler - is an open flame and, consequently, some additional risk in the operation.

Guided by this knowledge, you can easily choose the perfect heating boiler.