you need
  • - drill with a hammer;
  • - pobeditovye drill;
  • - a hammer;
  • - metal brush;
  • - acetic acid.
first define the place where it'll carry the toilet.It must be properly prepared.If the stone floor, then clean the old tiles and plaster.Size Stripping the area should be commensurate with the parameters of the bottom of the bowl.If wood, nail plywood to reinforce stronger base bathrooms.All additional roofed top surface must be removed.This may be, for example, linoleum.
then proceed to dismantle the old toilet.Drain all the water from the drum and close it so that it no longer received.Proceed to the analysis of the discharge mechanism.To do this, remove the two screws on the back and a hose, which supplies water.Remove t
he tank.Once there was only a neck, you can unscrew it from the floor and separate carve the drain tube.If baked onto the bolts from excessive moisture and can not be loosening, then perform the following procedure: Clean all rust with a wire brush, pour acetic acid and leave for a couple of hours.Then unscrew the bolts certainly.
is followed to start the reconstruction of sewage.Remove the strains from the place where the old toilet or a special plug stopper processed before this sealant.Then embed new there, where he will be transferred.Carefully check the joints between the tubes, to avoid leaks.
graduating from dismantling, proceed with the installation.It should start from the bottom.Please attach itself neck.To do this, drill four holes in the floor and hammer grouse.Drill pobeditovoe choose, it will significantly speed up the process.Install the lower part, hold the top.Drain the tank before you install, how to smooth out the plaque, to extend the term of its operation.Between him and the neck enclose a new rubber gasket and fully replace the entire drain mechanism.These items often sold in the same package.
If the bathroom is not attached to the floor and the wall, approximately the same procedure should be done with it.Only the fixing holes should be drilled much deeper and larger diameter, to strengthen ties.The gap between the toilet and the surface should be sealed with silicone sealant to avoid moisture and mold.
After installation is complete, seal the old place, where there was a toilet.For this pre-zashpaklyuyte zashtukaturte or to hide all traces of the surface and resume.