only problem to be solved single-loop gas boiler - heating of the coolant in the heating system.Double-circuit devices, in addition to this function, even heat and water for industrial, sanitary needs (eg, dishwashing).The principle of operation is simple single-circuit device: the water is heated in the heat exchanger by the gas and enters the heating system of the house.Turbofan boiler is more complex.

How does Turbofan gas boiler

In this type of device has a pair of loops, plus a heat exchanger with one of the circuits connected to the heating system, and the second - with a system of hot water (or hot water).When the heating system is working, the circuit connected to the hot water, hot water does not flow;This prevents special valve.Once the valve is opened or another user connected to the hot water, triggered an automatic system (due to differential
pressure) and the valve shuts off the hot water in the heating system at home - the whole stream is sent to the WAN.As soon as the hot water cease to use, the opposite phenomenon occurs, - she again begins to flow for heating.

specific use of double-circuit boilers

Double-circuit device is preferable in terms of comfort, becauseat the same time heat the house and provide it with hot water for farm use.However, there are situations where more complex in structure and expensive "dvuhkonturniki" not economically feasible to use.For example, if the building is already centralized WAN (this can be a thermal source).Another situation - high, constant need for hot water.It is worth remembering that when the consumer hot water, heating medium in the heating system will cool the room, not providing the desired temperature.In these two cases, the advantage of single-boiler is obvious.However, such a situation - a rarity, and therefore the majority of homeowners are popular is "dvuhkonturniki" as the most effective means of heating and hot water supply.

in Russian conditions, when the water pressure is unstable, are particularly attractive combi boilers with boiler.Such devices are not dependent on water pressure;if it drops, the heating system will operate with the same efficiency.The only disadvantage of a bypass of the boiler with a boiler - higher cost.