Tip 1: How to attach the sink

Set shells - very simple process that can carry each.If you decide to update your bathroom and replace plumbing, do not be afraid to do it with their own hands.Knowing a few simple nuances that you will cope with the installation of the equipment themselves, without resorting to any help.
Pick sink under the dimensions of your bathroom, make sure that it will not act, and its form is convenient for installation from you.Ask your consultant about the possible complexity of the installation of this model, whether it uses a conventional mounting system, or need to buy additional mounting hardware.If any instruments and the truth is not enough, you can purchase it and start the installation process.
carefully approach the process of connection of the drain and sink.Attach the connecting hose or pipe so that water can not spread beyond it.Check it out under high pressure, for example, fill the sink water, holding the hole with his hand, and when the water is already typed a lot,
open the drain and see how to cope with his trumpet work.
Follow the installation diagram is your shell, if you have ever put plumbing, do not look for uniformity in all its forms.Many kinds of sinks have a complex system of fixing to the wall, as, for example, in an apartment with a plastic-coated walls, sink might just Dig it if it is wrong to tie.
Repeatedly check as a siphon is connected to the sewage system.Special siphon system prevents the flat smell of sewage.If it is not good enough to fix, soon you will find a small and not very pleasant smelling surprise.
Measure the length of the spout during the installation of the mixer.The main thing in this process - it's accuracy, when incorrect calculations will not give a tap water, and everything will have to do first.Therefore, strictly follow the instructions and everything goes like clockwork.
How to attach

Tip 2: How to attach the sink to the wall

Shell is one of the main components of the sanitary equipment of almost any dwelling.Self-installation shell does not require special training.Set sink own hands can master any home.How to attach the sink to wall ?
How do I attach the sink to the wall
you need
  • - building level;
  • - punch;
  • - drill on concrete;
  • - screws;
  • - dowels;
  • - pencil;
  • - screwdriver;
  • - sink;
  • - fixing kit;
  • - long range;
  • - a hammer;
  • - silicone sealant.
Select a location to install the sink.Make the necessary measurements.Determine the desired height of the installation.It should be noted that the recommended installation height washbasin - 75-85 cm from the floor.However, if desired, this parameter can be changed.
Draw a horizontal line that defines the place of installation shell with a long range and level.
Measure the thickness of the side walls of the shell, which will be used to stop arms.Put the distance down from the previously drawn line.Make the symmetrical mark on the other side of the shell.Connect the points obtained by a horizontal line.You got a level mounting brackets.
Turn sink and install the brackets on the side of its planes.Reference Plane bracket should face down.Secure fastening elements in position.
Apply sink to wall and align the longitudinal axis labels mounting brackets and the plane - with previous line installation.Make a mark through the mounting bracket holes with a pencil.
Drill mounting holes at the marked locations using a punch.Set the prepared hole plugs, scoring them with a hammer.Secure the brackets to the wall .
Set sink on fixed brackets.Note the place of its attachment to the wall with a pencil.Drill holes in the targeted areas and securely fix the sink .To do this, put on dowels shims and tighten it with a wrench.
Perform installation siphon.Connect sink to the water supply.Carefully handle the connection with the shell wall with silicone sealant.Your sink is securely attached to the wall .
  • installation shell