produce the finished body red-hot bath, and then sprayed them enamelling powder which melts and coats the inside surface of the solid body evenly.At home, this way of enamelling is not available, so have developed three other ways - the usual enamelling, bath filler and acrylic liner.Each method has advantages and and disadvantages.They are all available, and non-professional, but if you want guaranteed to get a good new coating, it is better to refer to the master who will repair all the rules.

baths Enameling

The cheapest way to restoration - enamelling, it takes only about 2 000.The method is to apply enamel paint roller or brush in a well stripped from an old coat, lined, low-fat and slightly heated surface of the bath.The enamel is applied in several layers.The work requires a lot of accuracy, the process is
long and messy.

bathroom after enamelling can only be used within 5-6 days.

enamelling advantages are price and a wide range of colors.

main drawback - the short life, probably, after 3 years you would have to carry out the replacement of enamel.

Tanker bath

this way to restore the bath involves coating the surface of the body is not normal enamel and enamel-based liquid acrylic.

Such material is called stakrilom, it has a high wear resistance and impact resistance.Apply stakril much easier than the enamel, as it will spread over the surface and the excess drains through the drain.This gives a smooth surface without any effort on your part.The thickness of the coating stakrilovogo - 4-6 mm, so it is much longer enameling coating thickness is only 1-2 mm.

price restoration in this way will be about 4000 rubles.

Restoration acrylic liner

This method is to install the bath acrylic liner, which is fixed to it by means of foam.The thickness of the acrylic liner - 5-7 mm.The insert is individually selected to the specific dimensions of the bath, so the standard size for a bath liner will cost less.The warranty on the liner is usually 25 years, so this is the surest way to restoration.The cost of such restoration - about 4000 rubles.

liner installation should only be performed on a fully aligned and stripped surface, because any bump on the case will lead to a rapid deterioration of the liner.

The disadvantages of this method include the high quality requirements of the liner and its installation cheap ear can quickly turn yellow, poor installation will lead to peeling of the liner.