Plumbing in the house: installation and repair their own hands

Plumbing - a mandatory accessory of any house of his comfort and coziness.In order to provide good conditions for human life, it should be good quality and properly installed.But this does not mean that the work must comply with the plumber.Plumbing installation and repair their own hands great many people do.In order to carry out work on the installation of a sanitary appliance yourself, you must have a guide on how to do it.For example, analyze the sequence of actions needed to mount the toilet.

Installation toilet

Its installation will require the following tools and materials: a hammer, a screwdriver, a core, an adjustable wrench, a drill with drill bits for concrete and sealing material for the compounds (sanitary linen or tap
e FUM).To install the toilet in the bathroom, you need to use the existing holes (made earlier builders) for the cold water piping and sewerage.In order to perform mounting, it is necessary to mark the place laid a tile installation, and mark the mounting holes.First, a core outline for making small holes, then drilled their drills for concrete.The dowels are inserted into the hole with the fastening bolts.They should not be fully tightened once, we will do it during the final installation of the toilet.

Connective corrugation is necessary to establish one end of the pipe to the toilet, and the other - to connect to the outlet end of the sewer pipe.Cold water is connected via a flexible hose or a copper pipe.It is necessary to pay attention to the pipe in the wall, it is internally threaded and outside.If the pipe has an internal thread, it is necessary to use a special adapter.

Each threaded connection it is necessary to wrap the tape FUM or flax.Now proceed to the installation of the corrugations, it is connected via a copper adapter.After all the holes are connected, start the installation of a toilet bowl, tighten all screws, while properly adjusting its landing place.Nuts and Bolts must not touch ceramic bowl, which is necessary to use rubber gaskets and plastic fastening articles. can use metal bolts and nuts, but to install them should be very careful not to damage the very piece of pottery.Particular attention during the work should be paid to them gently puff.

Check the stability of the toilet, and finally tighten the screws.Then set up a tank cover and set the key water drainage.

about the need to repair equipment

above in detail told about installation of the toilet.But the apartment accommodates and other equipment and devices. Among plumbing elements include: Gates and taps, counters, cold and hot water faucets. For example, a kitchen and a bath, too, may require repairs.You should be able to carry out installation and repair of other sanitary items.