Mounting screw connections using flax oil paint or minium has serious disadvantages, among them - the possible destruction of fibers from an elevated temperature, the difficulty of dismantling, the need for greater efforts at tightening that can cause damage to the connecting elements.In addition, the use of flax implies specific skills or training.Therefore, all the more common synthetic sealants.

Non-drying paste

One of the reliable sealing options.The basis of this material - oils, synthetic resin fillers.To perform compaction sufficiently lubricate the threads on both of the elements.The paste will not only provide a tight seal, but also protects the threads from corrosion that will prevent galling during assembly and disassembly unit.It should be noted that the use of non-drying paste possible only in non-
pressure pipe systems or systems with low pressure.Also, such a bad seal resists aggressive environments;such as antifreeze in the closed heating system.

Sealers solvents

Another name - drying pasta.This method of sealing was used recently, so sometimes these sealants combined with linen, which is a mistake.The tightness of this connection is very doubtful, while using only a drying sealant provides greater assurance of the absence of leaks.Dosing is also simple: lubricate sealing both mating parts and then put them together - with just procrastination paste dries.Paste dries well seals, lubricate the threads, but it is possible that during the operation will have to tighten the connection.

Anaerobic sealants

This kind of paste, which has almost liquid consistency.When you are outdoors, such sealants do not change their status.However, as soon as they get into the fitting, where almost no oxygen, as the polymerization starts immediately, i.e.solidification.As a result, the thread is filled with a solid material, like plastic.Anaerobic sealants well hold any pressure gas or liquid.

use of such "seals" has its own characteristics: Sealant available with different time of polymerization (from 3 min. To several hours).If you need to quickly connect the threaded elements at once "tightly", the use composition with a short polymerization.If it is assumed that after the connection will need adjustment, use sealant with a longer curing time.