you need
  • - Sledgehammer,
  • - Bulgarian,
  • - gloves,
  • - enhanced packages for construction debris,
  • - soundproof headphones (optional),
  • - an old blanket or other softmaterial (optional).
cast iron bath taken a sledgehammer to break.Entrust business, of course, is the man.Even a person with an average level of physical fitness, such a task force under.Note that quiet break bath you do not succeed, so this work should be carried out during daylight hours.If possible, tell your neighbors, so no scare and no cause discomfort.Now, with a clear conscience, you can get down to business.
Before you begin, prepare tools (hammer), free space around the tub, so that later it was easier to pick up the pieces.If you are afraid to damage the floor, lay in the work place an old blanket or a soft cloth.To avoid accidentally cut your hands, be sure to wear gloves.As we have said, the breaking of the iron bath is accompanied by a lot of noise, reminiscent of bells, so it is advisable to have a soundproof headphones.
to cast iron bath easier pricked under the impact of a sledgehammer, in several places cut its bumpers grinder.If you prefer, divide bath into several parts, you can only using grinders.But this procedure is time-consuming, long and accompanied by a large amount of debris, but rather the construction dust.It is therefore easier and more convenient still break iron bath with a sledge hammer.
5-6 insistent strokes should be enough to bath broken into at least two parts.If necessary, break large pieces again, then make the bath of the apartment will be easier and more convenient.
Carefully collect small pieces together with the remains of a tile or other finishing elements, if any, and packed in special reinforced packages designed for construction waste.So you can easily get rid of the old cast iron bathtub.