Calculation size

If you plan to install the toilet to the bathroom quite large, it is advisable to opt for long and large systems or kits that include, in addition to the toilet, and even a bidet.In small bathrooms or reciprocally logical to put compact models: pendant, floor or a corner with a tank, built into the wall.

height and width of the toilet bowl are selected in accordance with a complete set of "users": for large and big men will approach the high, wide model, a slender can use toilets narrower and smaller.Modern plumbing manufacturers produce this on its own specifications.However, the orientation can be used by guests who sets specific dimensions for toilets:
- 335h405h290 mm (children);
- 400h460h360 (without tselnootlitoy shelves);
- 370h605h340 (with tselnootlitoy shelf).

Classification by way of installation

All designs toilets are designed for the average person, "size", and therefore among domestic and among Western companies assumed that the optimal size is 380h480h400 mm.By way of mounting all designs are divided into overhead and floor.The most popular outdoor articles in which the cistern can be installed separately or connected to the installation system (wall).The usual size of such models - 520h340 mm with a seat height of 400 mm.

Toilets-compacts are also mounted on the floor.His name they owe small size.Here the tank is mounted directly on the toilet.Most often made compacts with dimensions 380h380h75 mm.Owning a compact area makes sense to look to the angular models, the kit including tank triangular shape that allows you to set the design in any corner of the toilet room.Usually the size of the toilet - 360h815h760 mm.Suspended models is also very easy to install in small spaces.Dimensions suspended models are divided into 3 categories:
- less than 54 cm;
- from 54 x 60 cm;
- from 60 to 70 cm.

When installing the toilet need to comply with certain conditions, in order not to create problems in the future with the possible service plumbing.For example, the distance to the nearest wall on both sides should be at least 25-30 cm, a water pipe should be as close as possible to be able to connect with a flexible hose.Given the characteristics of the installation, the installation would be best to trust the experts.