Choose pot and look at the material from which it is made.Steel is much easier to cast iron, durable, keeps the better punches.And it looks so boiler modern.But boilers of steel corrode if used incorrectly.
Look for cast iron boilers, it is not subject to corrosion, it looks thoroughly and reliably.It has a longer life due to the thicker heat exchanger.But iron is more brittle and easily damaged to the same hard water may eventually spoil and a boiler .
Write down all the options you want, you will need: area of ​​the house, the material from which it is built, the length and diameter of the pipes, the number of radiators, floors of the building.Choose the heater that suits you best, listen to expert advice.
compare burner gas boilers Atmospheric or supercharged (or fan, hinged and removable).Atmospheric burner is much cheaper and it works much quieter.
Note that atmospheric burner is built into the boiler and is included in the price.The power of such burners are usually 10-80 kW but there are also more powerful.Atmospheric outdoor gas boiler perfect for heating small houses, but not huge houses.
owners of a large number of square meters is suitable boiler with an overpressure burner.It is characterized by higher efficiency, but also sold separately from the boiler.Gas boiler with an overpressure burner has a very high capacity - up to several thousand kW, and the device works is quite noisy.
Adjust the level of heating, which feel comfortable.Floor boiler good power to help you do it.
Select boiler domestic producers.The work they are independent of electricity, which often comes with faults.
Take a two-stage boiler , with it you can select the power level.Such boilers longer service life and they are more economical.