advantages of electric towel rails

Unlike towel rails, which are connected to the heating system or hot water pipes, electrical mounted in any convenient place where it is possible to connect them to a power outlet.In addition to simplicity and ease of installation, and the advantage is that it will work at any time of year, regardless of whether the disabled in the building heating or hot water.

Contemporary towel warmers equipped with thermostats can significantly save on electricity bills.You can customize it according to their preferences, the temperature in the bathroom or outside.Thermostat with a built-in timer allows the device switched on only in t
hose moments when the temperature in the bathroom is below the set value or the time when you are going to take a bath.

towel water issue is the poor quality of hot or running through the pipes of heating water.It may contain fine particles of sand, slurry, salt and so on., Which leads to scratches on the inner surface and the occurrence of scum and sediment in pipes of towel.In electric dryers, inside of which is a special antifreeze or oil, no such problem exists. Towel is made of non-ferrous metals from-cast pipes, weld them there.

How to choose electric towel

Electric Towel distinguish the material of manufacture.This can be used black steel, stainless steel or coated with colored polymer composition, which protects the unit from rust and corrosion.Used for their production and non-ferrous metals: copper, brass, aluminum.But the most reliable and durable towel considered stainless steel.However, there are a lack of them - all steel pipes are weld by weld quality which depends on how long the device will serve you.Therefore, they should buy from reliable manufacturers, reviews of which can be found in many forums on the Internet.

TOWEL Choice depends on what you need to power the device.On this will depend on its size - the more knee-bend, the more his area and thermal capacity, it can range from 50 to 1500 watts.Power depends on what the temperature inside the towel warmer on which the mark is set the thermostat.For heating an area of ​​approximately 3 meters is sufficient drying height of about 60 cm and a capacity of 250 watts.Towel must be protected from overheating, many of them equipped with a circuit breaker in ° C at 65-70.In general, these appliances are economical enough, low power consumption comparable models with electric lights.

As for the cost, the cheapest are the towel made of black steel pipe a simple form, which is located inside the heating cable.By the expensive devices are made of non-traditional materials - glass or stone, which produce well-known foreign brands.If the pipes are coated device, the choice of note to its integrity has not been compromised.

Towel differ in the method of attachment, they can be mounted on a wall or on a special swing arm, in this case, the angle of its location in relation to the wall can be varied from 0 to 90 degrees.Inside the tube may be oil, special fluid or heating cable with silicone insulation.In the latter case, there is no need to seek a waterproofing of pipes that have a positive impact on the cost of such a device.Water heated towel faster and retain heat longer.Lead-in cable can be surface or flush type.In the first case, it's just the power cord and plug, plug into an outlet, the second - under the laid to finish and mounted in a fixed network.

rules of operation of electric towel rails

Mount towel rail should be on one of the walls in the bathroom, for this purpose, the telescopic attachment and mounting brackets.Please note that heating PETN was located below, to prevent overheating and failure of the device.

for safe and reliable operation of the device is required serviceable electric copper wire with a cross section of not less than 2 mm, socket and power cable must have a grounding and have reliable protection against moisture.If there is a lover of hours to take a hot bath, filling their clubhouse steam outlet electric towel warmer is better to bring to the outer wall, making a hole for a cord. Choosing outlet for heated towel rails, note marked on the degree of protection IP.The second figure standing after these letters should have a value of at least 3. The outlet must be with a lid and rubber seals.

to clean the towel, do not use abrasive paste which can damage the finish.Before you start to wipe the surface, turn off the power.