Types of siphons for showers and features

In today's market there are a huge number of varieties showers with shower trays of different sizes and shapes.Drain holes in the trays can be located in different places.Accordingly, the traps must be distinguished by certain structural features.Typically, they consist of the overflow and drain, which are executed in the form of curved, flexible tubes.Often, the length and height of these tubes can be adjusted.

Currently, the most common are common traps and automatic pallet showers.But there are also models made on the basis of click-clack.The operating principle of ordinary siphon is that when the closing cap typed water in the sump and at the opening - is drained.More popular now become automatic
models siphons for shower trays.They are equipped with a handle, with which you can open and close the drain without much effort.But more modern siphons have a special mechanism for click-clack, which is located in the hole and is equipped with a plug.Using this mechanism, you can easily open and close the drain hole in the foot by pressing the plug.It is very convenient, because the water can be drained and dial, without having to bend.

traps also can be classified by shape.For example, a bottle siphons original shape, which resembles a bottle.This design allows you to retain water inside them.Tube traps are usually made in the form of a tube.Very popular are, and corrugated siphons, which form the body folded tube.They can be installed anywhere.

How to choose a siphon for shower tray?

First of all, if you choose to pay attention to the diameter of the discharge outlet of your pan.It must be measured in order to correctly determine the size of the acquired siphon.It is also necessary to take into account the capacity of the siphon.Typically, it is determined by calculating the thickness of the layer of water in the sump.For example, for a siphon with a hole diameter of 52 millimeters and 62 optimum water level should not be greater than 12 centimeters.

There are self-cleaning model siphons for shower trays and options with a special mesh that provides catching hair and debris.Consider these details if you do not want each time to dismantle the shower for cleaning siphon.