tool for plumbing work

for mounting plumbing systems require a set of plumbing tools: hammers of different sizes, chisels, pliers, a set of open-end wrench and sockets.You also need to get a few Adjustable wrench and pipe wrench.Among other things, you will need a measuring tape, stationery knife, tape FUM, several types of sealants.For the installation of plastic pipe and tube require a knife and a soldering iron.Each master is in possession of a special set of keys for the installation of fittings: flat spline wrenches, hex and shaped screwdriver.


water pipes in household water systems use three types of pipes: polypropylene, polyethylene and metal.PPR-pipes are connected to each other by soldering, plastic and metal - using removable metal fittings.The first type of pipe is considered
to be the most durable, but require more attention when installing: the tubes hard and irregular trimming does not look quite aesthetically pleasing, forming large gaps between the walls and in the corners.The weak point of the cross-linked polyethylene pipes and metal - their joints.Fittings subject to rapid corrosion and wear, which is why the use of this type of pipe is very limited in the conditions of high humidity and corrosive environments.

laying water pipeline schemes

method of piping can be hidden and open.Laying of water pipes open method requires serious skills, but provides easy access to the pipeline for maintenance or partial replacement.Many people try to avoid the open method of laying aesthetic reasons.In this case, in the walled pipes Grooves or hide in the cavities of frame structures.

The pipeline starts from the point of connection with the riser.On this site may be welded to a metal or plastic tube fitting, immediately followed by one must have shut-off valves.Further seal is made either to the consumers hot and cold water, or to treatment and pumping facilities.In homes without connections to piped hot water, cold water pipe branches, moving to the water heater.Each plug plumbing element shall be provided with one or two ball valves or valves in the case of replacement or maintenance of instruments.This refers to the filter settings, counters, sinks, toilets and showers.

mounting sewer system

sewage system is often laid hidden in the floor.Place tie in the sewer riser positioned in the lowest point - the pit, often located in the place of installation toilet.By riser mounted sewer cross, the number of outlets for which is comparable to the amount of sewage sludge located in the home, or groups thereof.Large assortment of sewer passages accurately pick the correct angles for the direction of the sewer pipe.Coupling portions of the drainage system by inserting one end of another pipe in the socket having a groove in a rubber sealing ring.To facilitate the work of the joint treated with silicone sealant slip.