Experts recommend the installation of polypropylene pipes use only clean and undamaged during transport or storage of parts.This ensures maximum reliability of the compounds, as well as the longevity of the entire system.Mount the unit should be at temperatures above 5 ° C.At subzero temperatures quality of the connection elements can not be guaranteed.
often have to bend the pipe process works.For this product to be heated to 15 ° C.For pipe diameter from 16 to 32 cm. Minimum bending radius is equal to eight diameters of bent pipes .Avoid direct contact polypropylene pipes with an open flame, both during operation a
nd during storage tubes.This is one of the safety requirements.
When installing the insulated pipes used method polyfusion welding, butt or using elektrofitingov.At the site of the joint in this case, a high-quality homogenous (uniform) seam.However, it is possible to receive only strictly observing technology reference works.If you take the pipes different manufacturers, the joint is unlikely to be ideal.Linking should be possible only identical pipe .
As metal counterparts, plastic pipe can be equipped with thread.Interconnected such elements, select the appropriate fitting to existing thread on it.To produce the seal of a threaded joint use of Teflon tape or a special sealing material.
builders often use combined fittings for installation of the pipeline.Faced with this, remember that the location of such a fitting metal conduit is not recommended to connect the soldering or welding close fitting, otherwise it will be the transfer of heat.