method of installing a sink is not only its features, but also on the countertop, which will be built in sink.It can be mounted into the countertop, on the table or under the table top.
first necessary to determine its location.The place where the shell was originally put in the construction is not always convenient.Transfer the water to another location not be easy.Most importantly, it was convenient to use the sink.Choosing a new place to wash, keep in mind that the dimensions of the washing must add another 5-10 cm. This distance should be at least as can be broken cupboard under the sink, because the thin edge of the table just a fracture.If the distance is longer, then you will simply inconvenient to wash dishes, because that
will always have to reach forward.
at selected locations make markup.We bought cleaning should already be ready template included.Look at the car wash package.If you throw away the packaging or on these markings not, turn the sink, put on the table.Circle the contours of which will be abroad on the sink counter.Stepping inside the encircled 1 cm path, cut a hole in the countertop.It is possible to make a thin saw or jigsaw.This will draw a side sink.
It is important to completely seal the seam with stoleshnitsey.Inache washing water will fall between them, destroying the bottom of the cabinet.If the seal is not complete, then buy it in advance.Apply it around the perimeter of the sink interface.He should not act beyond its edge.
Insert the sink into the countertop.Loosely mount, leaving the edges between the top and sink a small gap that should be filled with silicone sealant.Then tighten the fasteners.It is done along the diagonals.
then picks up the sink to drain.It is ready to use.