Modern baths are short-lived, and the reason only that the building materials are fundamentally different from those that were used by our ancestors 100 years ago.The logs are replaced with treated wood or stone, and natural chemical impregnation.However, the latter is probably the only way to keep a new bath from imminent destruction.All wood must be properly treated because the board in the bath is exposed to extreme temperatures, both during the process of evaporation, and after it.


is believed that in the production of impregnating the first place is a Finnish company Tikkurilla.This is not surprising, because the Finnish sauna culture is well developed, and they could not take steps to preserve them in their original form.They have developed a ser
ies of surface treatments for the pair.Thus, impregnation Tikkurilla Supi Saunasuja made in the form of varnish, it has an acrylic composition, the term is completely dry which is 48 hours.Produced in varnish tanks 3 kg and has a flow rate onto the surface of 80 to 120 grams per square lining.Apply the paint with the spray can or brush.When applied to the surface it is necessary to follow the uniform coating of boards, as untreated areas will be further isolated and subjected to decay.

Another part to protect the pair of boards - it SupiI Laudesuoja Tikkurilla.The impregnation composition and the oil is directly intended to protect the shelf boards against dirt and moisture.When absorbed into the structure of the wood creates a repellent surface layer.The use of the composition of your bath will improve hygiene and extend the life of the boards in the steam room.One liter of impregnation you enough for 9 - 15 square meters.meters.Flow rate is dependent on the porosity of the impregnation timber, drying time of 48 hours.Processing takes place by applying it to the treated surface with a brush.Once the board can be dried and processed to heat bath and to be sure to wipe the treated surface with a dry cloth.This is necessary in order to remove the excess impregnation, which does not soak into the board.The solution is available in capacities of 250 ml.


Popular compositions produced by the Estonian Amello.This impregnation unlike their counterparts made from Finnish natural linseed oil and is a natural product.Flow rate is 1 liter impregnation 8-10 square meters.Prior to the application must be removed from the surface of dirt and grease, for this you can use the Liberon, which is used for cleaning furniture.Apply impregnation with a brush, complete drying period is 24 hours.