consumers, choose faucet for the bathroom, a wide range of truly admire their appearance devices.However, a variety of shapes and design solutions mixers often causes additional problems when they are installed in the bathroom.The fact that a flight of fancy in the arrangement of the room is severely limited by the available standard pipeline.At first glance, it seems easy to install the faucet, but in ordinary homes, often requires partial or complete replacement of pipes.

generally accepted practice in the following ways to install taps in the bathroom:

  1. placement directly on the bath.

    This method is used in the prese
    nce of special holes in the hull baths.These baths are basically sophisticated electronic "brain", as a rule, they already have organic and conventional mixer - it is not replaced.There are the usual tub with holes for the mixer, it is the easiest option to install the faucet without alterations yourself.Indeed mixer attached nut in the hole and is connected to a pipeline belonging to the set of the mixer hoses.

  2. placement on the wall.

    With this method should be considered the length of the outlet of the mixer, so that the spray does not strike the board and no formation of water spray at the same time too outstanding mixer can be uncomfortable and even have a disturbing influence.In order to install the faucet on the wall, consider the recommended height that is approximately 20 cm.

  3. placement on the rack.

    Such accommodation is usually only suitable for spacious bathroom, where it is possible to get around the bath.The reception can be performed with an artistic touch and become unusual especially attractive element of the interior bathroom.Such a plant is complex and requires the most mandatory alteration feed pipes, in which case they lay on the floor.

installation mixer, of course, best left to professionals, but if the replacement does not involve alteration of pipes and you are confident in their abilities, then get down to business.