Decide on the size of the shower.Today the market offers a variety of options: from the corners of pallets, to built cabins with en-suite hydromassage.Choose appropriate to the size of your bathroom option.Select shower stall suitable size is one of the main tasks: obligatory Try it for yourself, whether you comfortable in it, not crowded, if it has a seat, be sure to check him.You must be comfortable in it in any position.
Select the appropriate tray for the shower.They are ceramic, enamelled steel and acrylic.The last of them are particularly popular, as are not subject to corrosion and heat up quickly.
Pick suitable curtains for the shower-type material.They are made of safety glass or plastic of different kinds: acryl, plexiglass,
polystyrene.Ate want to save, stop your choice on the plastic blinds, it is best if they are with a color pattern or a dull, because with time the plastic is cloudy and losing attractiveness.
Select design opening curtains.It is sliding or hinged and has a different number of flaps.Shutters swing designs take up more space, but due to this they have increased the input aperture.
Note the sliding mechanism of the system, as it is attached: on rollers or on hooks.The mechanism should in any case work well, otherwise the increased chance of cracking and soon breakdowns.
in shower with hydromassage note the number of nozzles.The optimum amount - from 6 to 10 pieces.Not bad, if there are additional jets to massage the neck, shoulders and feet.Nozzles must be rotated in different directions, so you can easily customize them for yourself.
Before you make a purchase shower with hydro-massage, ask your plumber, for example, in ZhEKe, the water pressure in your home.Typically, the shower is sufficient pressure in a half bar, but there is a model that works only 2 or 3 bar.