principle of replacing the drain hose identical in most washing machines.For example, to replace the drain hose on the machine AEG, Bosch and Siemens, first remove the front wall, as to get close to securing the drain hose from these washing machines is only possible in this way.
To do this, remove the clamp and remove the sleeve from the front wall of the hatch.Carefully remove the dispenser.
Remove the decorative panel in the basement part.Drain the excess water through the filter pump.It is enough to put a cloth under it.Remove the screws secures the front wall
to the cabinet of the washing machine.
front wall is secured by three screws, one of which is at the top, and two - on the bottom.Take a bit of the lower part of the wall, slide it down and disconnect the 5-7 cm entire wall.Disconnect the lock of the hatch that is at the wall.
now gaining access to the inside of the washing machine, you can begin to replace most of the drain hose .To do this, remove the clamp from the mounting of the drain hose and disconnect the hose from the drain system.Try to remember the hose attachment points .Unplug it from the wall housing and Output.
Insert the new hose into place and tighten the fixing old his collar.Pass the hose on the wall, making it mounted to the chassis, and Output.To connect the sewerage system lead-out end hose and check for leaks both ends.Assemble the front wall in the reverse order.
replace the drain hose washing machines Ariston, Indesit, Ardo, Samsung, Beko, LG, Candy, Whirpool can be accessed via the bottom;Electrolux and Zanussi - through the back wall;vertical washing machine is sufficient to remove the side wall.