Compact - the main advantage of a corner toilet

Corner toilet space-saving toilet, but this is not achieved due to the fact that the plumbing fixtures less than usual.In fact, the dimensions are absolutely identical bowls.The secret lies in the cistern, which has a triangular shape.Through this structure, the plumbing fixtures installed in the corner, thus saving the usable area and the rational use of vacant space.In most cases, corner toilets installed in bathrooms or bathrooms with limited space.

Although such plumbing fixtures look great and spacious rooms: they help make the interior intact and complete.The spacious bathrooms are usually along with a corner toilet set yet another corner furniture (for example, sinks, showers, etc.).Thanks to fill the corners room visually seem
s round or oval, and this form is much more pleasant to the human eye than right angles and lines.Thus, corner furniture, including closets, home improvement brings additional comfort. When buying a corner toilet is recommended to pay attention to which side should be performed eyeliner water.

Variety in design and design features - important advantages corner toilet

This kind of plumbing not only helps to make rational use of space in the bathroom, but it can become a "highlight" of the interior.With a variety of forms and installations, as well as the wide range of colors corner toilets in perfect harmony with any bathroom design.Currently, sanitary market offers rectangular, oval, convex, and even around the toilets. corner toilets can be manufactured in cast iron, plastic, glass, ceramics, and even gold.

In addition, corner toilets may differ in method of installation: they are suspended and floor.Also, some models are installed close to the wall (they are ideal for small bathrooms), mounting the other runs at a distance from the corner (such toilets perfectly fit into the interior spacious bathroom).

differ corner toilets and water drainage system.Some devices are equipped with a dual plumbing system drain (on the tank there are two buttons): if you click on the left, the toilet will merge almost 4 liters of water if the right - in 2 times more.Such a system allows the drain achieve amazing results: savings of over 50% water.Although there are toilets and angular with a single drainage system.

cost of plumbing is almost the same as classical analogues.Good toilet equipped with dual drainage system, equipped with a special mechanism that prevents blow the lid of the cup, and other nuances, can not be too cheap because the quality and convenience is worth it.