Prepare a place where the boiler is installed.To do this, refer to the dimensions of the device and take the additional margin on all sides by 15 cm. Between the walls of the boiler and any obstacle (wall or closet space) must be observed in the interval of 10-15 cm. The wall, which will be mounted on the tank must be carrieror at least reinforced, in a half-brick walls are not suitable.Included with the heater tank itself has a mounting, one part of which is rigidly affixed to the device, and the second is mounted on a wall.According to the scheme set out in th
e accompanying instructions, fasten with dowels or anchors of the removable tank mounts.
If there distributing hot water from a common riser, after the water meter and valve, overlapping it, embed in a pipe tee, followed by another set shut-off valve.From the crane to move the pipe into place to house the boiler and its output.Also in the cold water tap after the meter and embed the tee, an additional valve and install a strainer.Move pipe in a place where it will be positioned entering into the boiler.Please note that entry to the water in the tank is a check safety valve is part of a set with protection against excessive pressure.It should be screwed to enter the boiler.If the wiring under the hot water is not parallel with the cold water pipe broke new hot naturally take only pipe intended for high temperature.
Place the electric cable from the electrical panel to the counter and to the place of installation of the boiler.Select cable 3h2,5 for boilers 3 kW or more, 3x1.5 for less powerful.On-site supply of cable leave approximately 50 cm long connection.The distribution panel ensure the installation of two additional automatic fuse for the line to the water heater.
Attach the tank to the boiler fittings, pre-mounted on the wall and connect the input and output, and power cord.Alternatively, use flexible hoses with braided metal to prevent blunders option during wiring pipes.From the safety valve pull the tube with a diameter of 6-8 mm to the sewer pipe to a tank or bowl.
Filling the tank with water produce only when the hot water tap open to air out freely from the tank and pressurized.The valve supplying hot water from a central source, be sure to cut off, to back-pressure water does not flow into the tank, and the water from the tank did not go out of the apartment into the overall system.Only after the water went and recruited through the tap water burning, turn off power and check the operation of the boiler.