first steps and call

First of all, you need to stop the process of washing and pour water at all available assistance to the programmed function in the electronic control unit machine.Then you need to turn off the washing machine from the electrical outlet and cut off the water supply to the washing, usually separate from the main sanitary unit.Only after these steps, you can call a specialist at home or independently transported equipment for repair.

Remedying the problem

In fact, after the initial action for the "neutralization" leaking washing machine can be independently set out to repair.The main thing here - to be aware of the problem, to be able to understand plumbing.If such know
ledge is not - take on independent repair technicians do not need!In this case, it is recommended to seek the help of a qualified professional.

most common reason for leakage of washing machines are a drain and inlet hose.Usually they occur in the joints.You can fix this by tightening the corresponding clamps and processed seats sealant.Sometimes it is necessary to replace the gasket or hose is completely full.

Another cause leakage of the washing machine may be clogged undissolved powder residue tank dispenser.In this case, under the cover of the dispenser formed smudges, descending down to the floor.By the way, the same thing can happen with a strong water pressure resulting from the failure of the intake valve.

To resolve this problem, remove the feeder from hopper cars, then carefully clean it of excessive residues, wash all the outlets and cavities.If the problem persists, it is necessary to reduce water pressure entering the washing machine.If this does not work, replace the inlet valve.

If the machine runs from the front under the hatch, then damage to the front face of the adjacent wall of the cuff.The leak is below the machine indicates damage adjacent rear wall of the same cuff.The problem can be eliminated by covering the damaged area and roll it up.To do this, remove the cuff fastening clamps, turning it up to 180 degrees on its axis.

reason leaking machine could be her tank filler neck.In place of the connection pipe tightly put on the glue, but that does not mean the absence of potential leaks.If a pipe noticeable stains, it must be removed, cleaned and flushed.The seat must be thoroughly dried and then re-install the pipe in place using a suitable adhesive.

flows can and spout the same tank.It connects the lower part of the tank cars with a drain pump.Drain may be damaged or clogged with tiny pieces of laundry (castles, rhinestones, buttons).Often it occurs because of the weakened pipe straps.In this case, the seat smeared with sealant and hose clamps are tightened.If the spout appeared cracks - it is better to replace.

Over time, the washing machine can wear the so-called bearing oil seal tank.It provides sealing mechanism when operating machinery under severe conditions (high temperature, powerful dynamic load, etc.).In this case, the machine will also begin to flow.Gland is not repaired, it must be replaced.