How to protect yourself from the water off?

much easier all, when it comes to a private house, in the yard there is a well.In this situation, the problem is actually exhausted.You can provide additional convenience for the installation of a pump that would supply water from the well in column or general system of the house.It is more difficult to form a reserve of water in an apartment or in a private house, located in the regions where it is not so easy to get to the groundwater or the quality leaves much to be desired.

The solution may be bulk water storage tank that is regularly updated at a time when water is supplied to the normal mode.With proper installation and connection of the w
ater reserve capacity can be sent into the water supply of apartment without pressure loss, allowing, for example, free to use gas or electric boiler column.

From such an option as the installation of the pump which would pump up the remaining water in the general water supply, should be abandoned.Firstly, you can not be the only clever in the county, while the water is simply not enough time.Secondly, most likely in the pipe forming air pockets, which are subsequently cause water hammer effect when the water supply, and it threatens large breakage.Again, the water utility for this may be fined.

Select and install a spare water tank

volume chute selected according to the amount of water consumed for each family member, and taking into account the average time that the water is turned off.Thus, if one person take consumption equal to 300-400 liters per day, and often cut off water to the floor of the day, for the ordinary family in 4 people will need to 600-800 liters.By adding a little bit in reserve, you can opt for a volume of 1 cubic meter.Today is extremely simple to pick up a perfect water tank.Many different models of plastic or metal, provided in the market.They differ not only in volume but also the shape and the ability to mount and connect to the water supply system.For the apartments are best suited flat plastic tanks volume 500-1500 liters. for filling the tank is best to provide the same system as in the toilet bowl the discharge barrel.Water intake is carried out from the bottom of the container and through the pipes and valve it is fed into the water supply.

Tank Installation in a private house

In this embodiment, the shape of the tank is not so important.You can put it on the roof or in the attic.Note that in the first embodiment, the water temperature is greatly hang from the external air temperature.Located on the roof makes it possible to form an excellent water pressure, little distinguishable from the normal water supply during normal operation. Be sure to insulate the tank, especially when it comes to houses, located in the central zone or in northern latitudes.The freezing threatens that a tank to burst.

Installing the tank in the apartment

best place in the apartment can be called pripotolochnoe space in the closet or in one corner of combined bathroom.The tank is mounted behind the horizontal pre-fixed stops in the form of segments shaped tube or corner, leaning against the wall.Located near the ceiling the tank will not occupy a useful living space, at the same time will generate enough water pressure for most everyday situations.