you need
  • - screwdriver;
  • - sealant;
  • - adjustable wrench;
  • - adapter to the sewer.
Think in advance about what is best to choose the design.To do this, take into account room size, layout, their purchasing power.Be sure to consult with experts, there is a need to change the sewage pipes, how difficult will install the cab and its connection.
Disconnect the drain pipe to dismantle the bath.If the pipe is old, cast iron, it is connected tightly.Cut it with a grinder.Plastic pipe disconnect a little easier.Remove from the bath room.
Move container with a shower in the bathroom.When unpacking, check whether all the elements in place to do this, consult the manual.Remove the pan frame, put it in a way that the frame opening coincided with mounting inserts.
Set the frame so that it touches the bottom of the pan.Atta
ch the insert by means of studs and nuts.Between the frame and the pallet should not be a gap.Tighten the nuts using the wrench - first the top, then lower.Overly zealous not necessary - the frame is thin and easy to bend under pressure, in the case of misalignment will be broken rigidity.Rama set on securing a mortgage convexity, tighten the screws into place.
Set on the facade perimeter pan apron, adjust the fit.Replace the siphon to the lower portion of the upper plastic and steel.Laying rubber treated silicone and put up.Insert the steel parts on site.Treated silicone slot on the underside of the tray, set the second flat gasket.
Connect the plastic part with a steel trap.The thread may be pre-how to spread the sealant.Try to avoid screwing the distortions of the thread.Now you can put the tray on the destination place and adjust with the level.
Collect the cab roof - depending on the model, operation may vary.Set on the roof of the elements provided by the design of the model.Frame cabin is represented by two semicircular profiles and two vertical.Assemble the frame and the cab door frame.Replace wall panels, adjust the door handle set, shelves, and other elements.Connect the cab to the sewage pipe, move the hot, cold water.Connect the electricity.