you need
  • - polypropylene pipes for plumbing
  • - Feeling for connecting
  • - tool to connect - polifuz
  • - insulated self-supporting cable SIP
  • - switchboard
  • - metal corrugated pipe
  • - outlet, switches
  • - ground loops
  • - pipes for pipeline diameter of 150 mm
  • - gas boiler
  • - valves
Begin by drawing wiring diagrams and drawings on the walls of the markup.Route center line and take cuttings from it.In a wooden house may be open method of installation, electrical wiring should have several layers of insulation, electrical wires in order to avoid contact with the wall.Suitable for log home method of laying electric wires in the corrugated tube.Connecting sockets, switches into a single circuit and installation of the grounding is completed electrification of the house.Take care of the establishment of distri
bution electrical switchboards, stuffed automation.Installation of communication log home has its own characteristics.In summing up the electricity will take additional fire safety measures.
doing water installation in a wooden house, keep in mind that wood is sensitive to water, so water supply systems should be properly located to leaks or excessive condensation does not impact adversely on the structure.Prefer plastic pipes.Water supply of them would cost expensive.This water is easily mounted, the pipes do not corrode.Route the water away from the heating system is to get rid of excess condensate pipe.Properly mount the manifold wiring.All plumbing fixtures, fittings requiring stationary water is connected to the input through special tees.
Getting gasification log house, collect the permits.The pipeline is above ground and underground.When entering the underground pipeline is installed near the stairs, elevated gasification involves putting into the kitchen wall.Gas boiler can be in the house, but it is necessary to observe the rules of fire safety.