What material is made hot tub

Pops uses acrylic, but you can find a bath of steel and cast iron.Acryl, due to its plasticity, it is easy to handle, create bathtub all shapes and sizes.Also, it is easy to install massage jets in any quantity.Besides baths strong, but lightweight, easy to restore them, and they keep the temperature of the water for long.

Baths of cast iron more cheaply, but their main disadvantage is the weight, complexity of processing, which limits the variety of forms, as well as the inability to establish many nozzles.Another drawback - chipped enamel is almost impossible to restore.

Cheaper bath of steel.They weigh less than cast iron, but most acrylics, their shape may be different, and high strength.But many refuse to steel baths, as the
y quickly cools the water and they have a low sound insulation.When water is poured, relax is not particularly work.

About zones and massage nozzles

Bath can delight with two types of massage - water and air.The hydromassage is performed using water jets, mixed with air, and the air massage only by air.The more nozzles of different sizes and types, the greater the variety of massage programs, and therefore, the more fun and health benefits.

nozzles are placed on the walls of the tub.The minimum number of 4-6 devices in the lower back, rump, sides and legs.In more complex structures are present from 2 to 4 large jets for back massage, as well as a pair of neck and feet.If the bath provides shiatsu massage, the injector it may be from 10 to 80.

air massage nozzles located on the bottom of the tub.Their function is to saturate the water with oxygen and gentle massage.

Depending on the nozzles can be adjustable or fixed.

How does the design and how the management

injection of air and water is due to a pump operated by the motor.Engine power directly affects the quality of massage.The more nozzles, the higher the capacity - up to 1500 V.

driving force of massage modes and distribute the work of nozzles may be with the remote.He, in turn, can be remote or set on the edge of the bath.

Additional comfort is provided by silicone bath armrests, stairs, handles on the edge, shelves for shampoo and towel holders.

How to care for a hot tub and comply with safety

better take care of the hot tub, the longer it will last.Firstly, it should be water filters, or the smallest impurities can clog the nozzles.Mandatory disinfection baths, which protects against infection and absorb odors.When the nozzles are included using foaming agents can not - it can cause blockages and disabling them.

How to extract maximum benefit

not necessary to hope that hydro save cellulite or help throw off the extra weight, but you can be sure that stress and fatigue after taking bath thing of the past.The severity of the leaves, and there will be new powers.Whirlpools contraindicated for those suffering from heart disease, hypertension, thrombophlebitis, or a problem with the venous circulation.