Usually crane mounted on the end of the pipe at the measuring point of water.Crane as valves consist of a body and a head gate.The difference is that the valve on the housing has a pair of identical threaded holes.They need to install a valve between the pipes.The main body of the crane as there is only one hole, through which it is attached to the end of the water pipe.
valve installation is done in such a way that the arrow on the body coincided with the direction of water flow.Currently, there are two types of valve heads.The first type has a rotary-translational valve, and the second - reciprocating.The head of the second type of valve head is much more reliable.It should be noted that the gasket is much longer due to the fact that the mo
vement of the valve occurs progressively, wherein the gasket is not erased, and pressed onto the seat.
Sometimes there is a problem, which is that the valve or valve closed watertight.Most often this occurs because of the wear liner or threading the valve stem from.Sometimes completely worn seals and sealing gaskets that are between the body crane , as well as the body of the head.In order to change the gasket is necessary to start to block water in the pipe.Then, using conventional or wrench unscrew the head gate and replace the rubber gasket.Then, you must be sure to put a new valve.If you do not have ready at hand pads, do it yourself.Pick up a thick rubber and cut out using a tube with a sharp-edged circle.Its diameter should be slightly larger than the valve seat.Gasket should sit firmly in the slot.
order not boomed crane protruding edge should be cut with scissors pads.The angle should be about 45 degrees.It is not recommended to be used for the manufacture of foam rubber and plastic.Quite often the gasket is made of several layers of skin.