Tip 1: How to change the tube

Replacement of pipes supplying water - one of the most sought-sanitary services, which is very expensive.This work, of course, the volume and dirty, but it can be done independently, without recourse to experts.
There are several types of pipes used in the laying of water supply, heating and sanitation: steel, cast iron, copper, plastic and metal.Low thermal conductivity and low density tubes and pleasant appearance, make plastic the most popular system.Plastic pipe fairly simple to assemble and install.They can be simply glued together, and such a compound can be stronger than the pipe itself .Connection elements produced by "cold welding", with an aggressive adhesive dissolves the substance on the surface of the parts.After contact materials bonded elements mix and solidify to form a coherent whole.Also, installation of plastic piping elements in practice is carried out by the socket connection or using resistance welding polifuzionnoy.
To begin schematic design a plan for
the future of the pipeline until you have dismantled the old pipe .Consider whether it is possible to lay new pipes more economical, with fewer joints.Consider each node: the location of cranes, the place of connection of flexible hose to the toilet and sink, a bath or a soul and a washing machine.
If you plan to install water meters, better to do it together with the installation of your pipes.You might want to install a separate tap on each item to completely turn off all the water in the event of leakage.Although, as a rule, one stop valve mounted on the cold and one hot water.
Before starting work, you must turn off the water.Then, cut the old pipe .Prepare plastic.Cut them to the desired length with special scissors or an ordinary hacksaw.Pipes should be cut perpendicular to their axes.Remove the cut edges of all burrs using scraper or regular sandpaper.
Before gluing it is necessary to check how the two mating parts fit together.The main thing is that the pipe belonged to 2/3 jacks connecting element is free, and then - with the resistance.
Both bonding surfaces clean cloth dampened with a cleaner that comes with adhesive.It allows you to soften and degrease the joint.Before gluing pipes and fittings must be clean and dry.
Dampen a special swab attached to the lid of the jar with glue and grease the mating parts.On the tube, place a thick layer of glue, with fitting a thin layer of grease.Immediately place the pipe into the socket of the fitting up to the stop and turn it to evenly distribute the glue.Immediately remove any excess.After about an hour the compound can be subjected to load.
Plastic pipe attach to the structural elements using grippers corresponding diameter.Installation is complete.

Tip 2: How to change the pipe in the apartment

It's no secret that pipes in homes that were built 30-40 years ago and earlier, have long outlived their usefulness.That is why many owners of apartments want to change them.Should such a procedure from 5000 to 8000 rubles.However, it is easy to produce and substitute their own.
How to change the pipe in the apartment
you need
  • - pipe;
  • - Bulgarian;
  • - fasteners;
  • - putty.
Before changing pipe in apartment , you must first make a design work.To do this, measure the pipe in height and diameter, so you know exactly what you buy a replacement.Because the new pipe must go easily to the place of the old one.Next, decide what material you want to do pipe .This can be a plastic, iron, steel, asbestos, etc.Be sure to measure the inputs and outputs of pipes to match the diameter with the remaining wiring.Calculate how much tubing you need.Then you can go to the store or on the market for the necessary material to repair plumbing.
Replacement of pipes in the bathroom and the toilet takes place as follows.First you need to find where you have the basic layout of the apartment in is.After two block valve on the water to block access from the general pipe in your apartment.The old pipe , who has asked to replace the need to cut.Experts recommend to carry out all plumbing reliable tools such as grinders.
Do not try to cut the pipe from the riser using a hacksaw, because in this case you have a long time to cut it.Especially, if the cast-iron pipe.Then you need to take a new tube and insert it in place of the old, observing the direction of the latter.Try to lay pipe so that there is as little as possible joints and connections.Otherwise, you run the risk of early or late to get a lot of places of water leaks.
Connect a new pipe with wiring, and close the resulting gap with special fixtures or construction materials.As they can use a special sealed putty, which will protect pipe leak.Check the stability of the construct and connect to taps, opening valves.
If you change both pipe immediately, and you can make a kind of alterations.For example, immure pipes in the wall or even move them to another location - to where you are comfortable.
  • both by the change pipe