Repair and replacement radiators (battery) is required in the following cases: when they begin to leak, clogged scum and dirt (there is an infringement of coolant circulation), has poor heat transfer or the appearance of no longer satisfied with their owners.

Thermal design power device

to perform the correct repair and replacement radiators, need thermal design power of the device.Given the height of the ceiling height of three meters and other normal conditions, power should be up to 125 W per 1 sq.m. For example, a room of 35 square meters.m., where you have to make installation of heating, will require about 4 kW of heat.Its value for the new radiator can be found in the data sheet.

often perform repair and replacement of radiators in rooms where there are heaters (pipe with steel plates on the surface).They have little power, and the temp
erature of the coolant in the heating systems of apartment buildings in the winter it is often not very high, it becomes cool.In this case.make replacement radiators, create more comfortable conditions for the residents. List heaters available on the market, granted in large numbers.More and more people are replacing old batteries to a different type of modern heating devices, most often on the bimetallic radiators.

What you need to replace the radiator?

Make it yourself (eg in winter), it will be very difficult.This applies to apartment buildings with central heating.It circulates in the hot water pipes, which at the time of repair have to disable fast replacement.

will require the use of gas welding or other measures, and the need to prevent the cooling of the house, that it remains possible to stay.There will be a need for a central riser slab trim the dismantling of old radiators by means of welding and special tools with their subsequent replacement.This is due to the type of equipment to be installed.

Why do I need to call professionals?

In this case, the challenge will require skilled professionals, so will the financial costs.They do the job much better and faster.It is very important in the winter.

During operation, using special devices and accessories, some of which are more expensive radiators themselves.Buy them to perform infrequent work is not profitable.All work is usually evaluated as a small part of total expenditure on repairs and installation of new radiators.Be sure to think about it, not to create even more problems for yourself.Who exactly invite - you choose.It is necessary to read the reviews, communicate at a forum on the Internet, know - how their services will cost, how many people they have helped and so onSaid here for a long time put into practice in all cities and towns, but the undisputed leader, of course, Moscow! Replacing the heating should not be made cheerleader.Chance is not only bad repair, but also constantly leaking in the house.Work done ignorant specialist, and implies a serious threat to its subsequent exploitation.