main reasons for the cooling

The houses are usually installed either blind or stationary hot water system at home.Dead-end systems have a drawback - the consumer receives hot water directly from the network and the ceiling crane begins to occur in the cooling water pipes.Accordingly, towel loses its heating properties - while stationary circulating the hot water passes through the feed riser and flows through the return riser, eliminating the cooling liquid.
In the absence of a centralized system of hot water, a towel can be built on a similar principle to the existing heating system.

Most often heated towel rails in the bathrooms no longer the formation of blockages and jams.To clean the pipe, it should turn off the tap, remove the equipment, putting on
the pipe stub and walk on their inner walls with a soft bristle brush on the wire.This must be done by lightly tapping to remove salt deposits from the walls.At the end of the cleaning towel warmer thoroughly washed under the pressure of water or hydrochloric acid, which softens the solid residues.If after this procedure the drying is cold, it will have to be replaced.

Other reasons

If the towel rail was installed recently, the reason for its cooling can be a significant distance between himself and the riser - the device there is excessive resistance and hot water just does not get it.Also, drying is not heated at outdated pipes that eventually clogged - to fix it, close the tap and set the cap on a hot water supply line purger.Then the tap is opened on the circulation line and through the purger washed with water slurry.
If hot water is not flowing through the purger, indicating clogging inlets or towel warmer.

drying also often refuse to bask in the presence of air pockets in the system.To eliminate it is necessary to lower the excess air bleed screw using either manual or automatic setting, vent valve.After removing the plug to restore normal water circulation and heated towel rail warms up.

If the equipment is not working due to lack of hot water circulation should contact the housing and communal services, which sort out the causes of the problem and will repair possible damage to the system.