you need
  • - household chemicals to clean the baths;
  • - Brush;
  • - roll;
  • - set for enamelling baths (curing catalyst);
  • - sealing tape;
  • - waterproof sandpaper;
  • - vibroshlifovalnaya machine;
  • - hair dryer.
Remove and clean the bathroom towels, curtains and rugs.If the bathroom has a window - they should be closed.The optimum temperature for carrying out works on the enamel bath - 20-22 degrees.
Close the bathroom sink.Pour into the bathroom 3-4 liters of water and dissolve in it a special tool to remove the lime scale and deposits.
Gently apply the resulting solution to the entire inner surface of the bath and leave
for 20-30 minutes.Thoroughly rinse solution.Repeat this 5-7 times.
Apply the cleaner to the surface of the bath.Sand the surface with water resistant sandpaper.Smooth surfaces should be sanded using vibroshlifovalnoy machine, rounded - manually.Do not use the machine with a dust extraction system.
Thoroughly rinse dust from sanding and cleaning agent residues under running water.
Remove items overflow and drain.
completely dry bath heater or using a hair dryer.
paste over the edge of a bathtub with protective tape.Protect faucet and fixtures using plastic film or package.
Add a tool for enamelling hardener and stir the resulting mixture.Stir be very intense, not less than 3 minutes.
Enter into a mixture of catalyst and mix.Note that the cooked solution is suitable for use within 40 minutes.
Apply the solution to the surface of the bath with a brush, longitudinal and transverse movements.Spread evenly over the surface of the bath solution using a roller without affecting its front edge.
tweak if necessary, coating with a brush and apply a means for enamelling the front edge of the tub.
Dry bath
It should be noted that during the first 5 hours of the bath surface is still sticky and should be monitored closely to ensure that it does not stick dust and lint.It is not recommended to open a window during the first 24 hours after application of enamel.Time of complete drying enamel - 5 days.At this time, you can not use the bathroom.