you need
  • - brake chamber;
  • - Car Camera;
  • - metal balls;
  • - copper tubes;
  • - epoxy adhesive.
Take serve a term brake chamber (for example, a truck with air brakes).Disassemble it.Then shut off all the holes, leaving alone a rod hole (it will be the top).In the lower part of the chamber, do a couple of holes for the valves.
Now take a small section of brass or copper pipes with thick walls.Then pick up the metal ball of such diameter as to be slightly larger than the inner diameter of
the tube.Now ream tube to half of its length by means of a drill which has a larger diameter than the ball.Next, place the ball in the pipe and across the hole from above, solder a piece of wire - this you will have the exhaust valve.Pressure from below by sucking will lift the ball, thereby opening hole.When the pressure from above the hole will be closed ball, and soldered on top of the wire does not allow the ball to pop out of the pipe.
exhaust valve to make a similar intake.Only between the bead wire and soldered put spring which is pressed to its opening.A top pressure will compress the spring, thereby opening the valve.Now insert the valve hole and put them on the epoxy adhesive.
Then take otrez car camera, cut a circle out of it (membrane) of the diameter of the brake chamber.In the middle of the circle and make a hole on both sides stick to it in the washer.Insert the threaded pin washers (stock), and then tighten the nuts.
Glue the circle itself to the bottom of the brake chamber.The upper part connected to the bottom, having passed through the hole on top of the stem.For convenience, can be soldered to the rod handle.