you need
  • - Screwdriver;
  • - pliers;
  • - new ball;
  • - sealing spring;
  • - silicone grease.
Shut off valves, and then use a screwdriver to unscrew the screw that secures the handle of the ball valve.Then, remove the faucet handle.
on the threaded ring is placed on the body of the ball valve, there are four notches.Gently push the screwdriver in the recess.This will facilitate efforts on the interior of the ball valve.
Using pliers, remove the chrome-dome (chetryhzubchatoe will ring with the dome).
Remove from the construction of the ball valve piece of plastic that acts as a shield (who, incidentally, also has the shape of a shield).If the black and white portion of the seal construction crane pretty worn out from under the ball valve will leak water, so be sure to check out this portion of the
seal for wear.
Remove the ball from the ball valve: for that lift it up.On one side of the ball has an oblong hole, whose presence helps to fix the ball, preventing its rotation.Examine closely the lower part of the globe to make sure that the surface is smooth and clean.In that case, if the metal is heavily worn, may need to be replaced with a new ball.
Use a screwdriver to remove the seal neatly spring pushes the ball.Explore the sealing spring, defining its degree of wear.If the wear element is high, replace the spring with a new.
Apply a small amount of non-toxic silicone grease on the rubber seal: it will prevent its rapid deterioration.The same lubricant with a small screwdriver, apply to workers of the ball valve.
Install the ball in its place: it has to get there on the ledge, located near the top of the ball valve.Insert the shield.Neatly move the plastic ring and make sure that the threaded connection is clean and free to rotate.
Pull chrome-dome with a pair of pliers.Then tighten the plastic ring.Set the ball valve in its place and tighten the screw.Check the valve for leaks.