Equally important is the plumbing, sanitary ware choice depends only on your tastes and the thickness of the purse.Today, the focus of mixers offered by the market today.In order to choose a faucet is not only the soul but also of practicality, look at their types.

When choosing a mixer we pay attention primarily on ergonomics, safety and design.And the ergonomics and reliability are paramount, because the apartments have small-sized, medium, as a rule, not so much, so I want to buy something that would not be doing a lot of space and would not need much repair.

highlights two types of mixers: Valve and Ball.Valve - those that are originally in our apartments.They are perfectly adapted to our conditions, first of all, to the rigid chlorinated water.

Ball faucets have a single handle, rotate in different di

rections, raise and lower.They are very convenient, but not suited to hard water, but they require a water filter, otherwise impurities will score the ball unit and replace it dearly.

Now there heaped taps with photocells and pressure compensator, but it is very expensive, so for ordinary apartments is hardly suitable.

It is best to choose a faucet with multiple nozzles, one of which is directed to a bath, and the other on the sink.Mixers of this type are much more convenient old, equipped with a common trunk, the constant twists which often lead to the loss of sealing and leakage.

When choosing a mixer, you can experiment with color.Cranes must be in harmony with the overall design of the bathroom.Under any interior will fit the traditional nickel-plated or chrome-plated taps.Also sells faucets with color coating.The most traditional combination - white body with details of the yellow metal, but there are also black, red, blue, etc.mixers original exclusive design.