you need
  • plastic bottle, cleaning tablets
Prepare an ordinary plastic bottle of 1.5 liter.Cut with a knife or scissors, the top honor of the bottle, pointing from the tube, about 15 cm. Cutting off the bottle, it is important to calculate the size depending on the barrel, cork the bottle should be by immersion device slightly above the level of water in the barrel, when flushed, she should at least hangin the air.
Screw the bottle cap is loose, so that water could seep into and out of the shotgun.Drain for the duration of the water from the barrel and close the valve to prevent it came inside.Hang prepared edge inside the tank.
Take a piece of loose foam and cut it so that it w
as possible to accurately, exactly placed in the bleed bottle.The top edge of the foam must be located at the water level at the moment when the barrel is filled or slightly above it.
Glue foam rubber to a small sinker (any heavy metal object) or screw into the bottom of a few large screws.This is necessary to ensure that the sponge does not pop up, and the crop was inside, in the water column.
Purchase cleaning tablets for toilets.Put one of them on the foam.Close the tank, turn off the water tap and take the first flush, in which you will see a clean water.But already at the second and subsequent washings will be visible foam and freshness, as if you just put the usual tablet in the flank.However, the tablet will not be so quick to dissolve, as it happens when you place it on the bottom of the barrel in the water, it will be able to extend its action to two weeks, and the solution that excels at soaking tablets completely impregnated foam and thereby create an additional margin of a saturated solution withinCrop bottle and, accordingly, in a flush bochka.V homemade dispenser can be placed several tablets, without worrying about what they fleetingly disappear and have to buy new ones.