Tip 1: How to warm up a plastic water

problem of water freezing in much winters fairly common.You can not always rely on the relevant services.Everyone knows that it is necessary to apply hot water, but how to do it, taking into account the laws of physics precise recommendations are hard to find.This technique is relatively simple, but the main thing - it is effective.
you need
  • stock up some equipment: a capacity of 100 liters (for example, a barrel), an electric pump, plastic tube and household buckets.
Take a hard plastic tube.Keep in mind that the rubber hose will not go for this method of defrosting.Make sure that the outer diameter of the plastic pipe was slightly less than the diameter of the inside of the crane, which ends with the portion for technical operations.The fact is that when the water flows, the stream may damage it thoroughly under high pressure.Specifies the length so that it will last to the far portion of the pipe and the Occupied ice left was a couple of meters.This is perfect.
Prepare a barrel with a capacity of about one hundred liters, because if you decide to apply hot water through the funnel, you will lose time.Such a method does not guarantee correct the problem.
Provide uninterrupted warming process of boiling water in a volume of 100 liters.
Pass the pipe without water so far water , as you can.Now turn on the pump, which is designed to pump hot water.Already after a few seconds, you can promote kipyatkoprovod for another two or three meters.One way or another, and soon you will be rested into the ice.
Place a container under the tap for water intake, for example, a bucket.After several operations, switching the pump from the pipe runs clear and hot water.Pour it back into the barrel.You did not forget to put the barrel quite close with a tap?Turn on the pump again and wait until the bucket will not be complete.Drain, put another bucket and a plastic tube, push a little further.
Attention!At the moment when you will be able to break through the ice cap, the water will start to slash strongly under pressure.Urgent pull kipyatkoprovod and close the valve.
This method will help you warm up the frozen plastic water , if there are no jobs in the area tight bends, more than thirty or forty degrees.The fact that it is impossible to advance the tube in meandering place because it abuts the tube twist.

Tip 2: How to warm water in a plastic tube

With the onset of cold winter the owners of country houses and cottages quite often face the problem of freezing water pipes.And as recently for the construction of pipeline networks used plastic pipes, we have to deal with freezing water in plastic water system.
How to warm water in a plastic tube
you need
  • - hardened steel wire with a diameter of 2-4 mm;
  • - Construction gidrouroven (max);
  • - mug douches (enema);
  • - electrical tape;
  • - hot water
  • - bucket;
  • - wire cutters;
  • - two-wire copper wire;
  • - plug for the power socket;
  • - pump or compressor;
  • - hose;
  • - rigid plastic tube with a tap at one end;
  • - barrel per hundred liters;
  • - 100 liters of boiling water;
  • - boiler.
Align steel wire.Expand gidrouroven.The end of the steel wire loop wrap.Using tape, attach the loop to the end of the tube gidrourovnya, but this should be done so that the head level advocated by about one centimeter.Then fasten the wire with electrical tape and level along the entire length.The second end gidrourovnya attach to the mug Esmarch.Steel wire tied gidrourovnya propihnite tube into a plastic pipe with frozen water.Push through as long as you hit the ice.With the help of an enema enter hot water and as melting "plug" push wire deep into plastic pipe.Place a bucket under the pipe end, as much as you enter the hot water, the same amount of cold water will pour out from the pipeline.
Remove the insulation from copper wire.Then remove the insulation from a wire, and the second is in isolation, neatly bend in the opposite direction.At one end of the wire wrap bare wire five turns.Wrap so that the coils tightly arranged next to each groomsman.Using wire cutters Bite once stripped wire end.From the end turns back down about three millimeters and the second bare wire winding it as well as wound for the first time.At the other end of the copper wire attach plug.This results in a device which is popularly known as "Burbulyator."Puts a copper wire in a plastic tube up until you hit the ice, including "Burbulyator" in the socket and a bit of wire propihnite pipe (need to bare end of the instrument is at the very "plug").When you feel that the wire "falls" into the pipe , push through it further.After about a meter unfreeze "plug" by means of a compressor pump out water and continue to defrost on.
Stick plastic pipe plastic plumbing in stasis so that the end with the tap turned out.Turn on the pump and pump the hot water through a plastic pipe used in plumbing.Place a bucket under the faucet pipe and grind off the chilled water (you can boil, pour into the barrel and use the water is pumped in to defrost "plug").Continue to defrost water to the disappearance of the "plug", alternating with the hot water supply and discharge of warm water.
including "Burbulyator" in the socket, follow the basic rules of electrical safety!
Helpful Hint
If there is no desire on their own warm water in plastic water pipe network can take advantage of special services involved defrost pipes.
  • How to unfreeze water pipes.