Despite the fact that the polypropylene pipes spread relatively recently, they immediately found a lot of "work".This is the hot and cold water, heating, transportation of cargoes of various types (gas, liquid, bulk materials), construction.One of the main criteria for the classification of polypropylene pipes (PP) - the thickness.The thicker walls of the product, the higher temperature it can tolerate.Therefore, when using such a heating pipe need to know their markings.


Modern PP pipes are manufactured on the basis of polypropylene type 3.When this method is used extrusion molding.Reduced marking the last "generation" pipe - PPRS (or PP3).Today, using the 4 main types of polypropylene pipes:
- PN10: cold water and arrangement of floor heating;
- PN16: under the hot and cold water;
- PN20: under the hot water and partly for district heating;
- Stabi PN20: under the hot water, central heating, - this type of products is characterized by a layer of fiberglass, aluminum.

The PP pipes caused by the use of a heating

One of the main advantages - resistance to corrosion;material does not change its performance in wet environment, wherein the inner surface is formed limescale.Polypropylene pipes are light weight, so there is less of a problem during transportation, moreover, it provides an opportunity to Heating one person;at this setting speed is much higher when compared with metal products.In addition, the polypropylene pipes:
- not conduct electric current and have high resistance to chemicals;
- use fittings of a homogeneous material ensures reliable connections;
- have low noise;
- are not destroyed by freezing;
- do not constitute a favorable environment for microbial growth.

Installation of polypropylene pipes

for heating arrangement and the establishment of the pipeline is carried out soldering or welding of individual elements.It uses a special solder, which can be used in a domestic environment.Often, such an instrument is offered for rent.When installing heating pipes PP should be considered the main disadvantage of this type of products - thermal expansion.Cocks and valves, it is desirable to attach a threaded connection - it will enable the rapid replacement of the device when it is in the case of a malfunction or replacement.