Tip 1: How to save water

Each year, prices are rising, including in the utilities.We have to save on everything.If you save water, you get a fairly large sum for the year, settled in your wallet, it can be spent on the needs that you need.So how do you conserve water?
first thing you need to do to save water is to buy the counter cold and hot consumption.Then you stop to count the consumption of hot and cold water and drainage for general tariffs.Consuming these services at a fixed price, we get great savings.The cost of installation of meters will be repaid within a year.
Repair in the apartment all the plumbing to avoid water leaks.Put on the toilet tank with double sink.Modern types of cranes with elements cermet instead of rubber seals, leaks are not allowed.
Washing dishes in a dishwasher can save 65% of water compared to washing dishes under running water.Run the machine should be fully loaded.If you do not have a dishwasher, wash the dishes when capped in the sink.Rinse the same method.
washing machine run fully loaded drum.Buy a washing machine with economical water consumption regime.
washing in the shower, close the water supply when soaping and turn when rinsing.
wash the potatoes in a saucepan.
Brush your teeth with the tap closed.Even better is to pour water for rinsing the teeth in a glass.
conserve water in the garden watering can by collecting rain water in the tank, down the drain runoff from the roof into the water tank.For the first irrigation, when there is no Doges, distribute the container snow.

By following these simple techniques, you will significantly save your family budget.

Tip 2: Why do I need to protect water bodies

reservoirs on the planet is much more than land.About three quarters of the globe covered with oceans, and only a quarter of the land remains.Maybe it's the land should be protected?But the fact is that virtually all the water on Earth is salty.Ponds with fresh water suitable for drinking, very little.In addition, the ecological situation is getting worse every year, so the quality of fresh water port, and its number is steadily decreasing.
Why do I need to protect water bodies

water - this is one of the most necessary for all living substances.The human body is composed of water by more than half.Plants also need this life-giving liquid.Compare dry leaf and green: dry compared with the living weighs practically nothing, because there is no more moisture.

Man can not live without water.But apart from him, there are other creatures, which without water also did not survive.Animals and birds, trees and fungi, bacteria and even many - all need water.Without water, as scientists believe, representative of mammals not last 10 days.Every day people consume several liters of water, not necessarily in a direct way, but it is found in foods and beverages.

On Earth, there are many places where, despite the proximity of the oceans and seas, fresh water is almost worth its weight in gold.There are islands on which there are no bodies of water.Water there are imported from other places, and the cost is not cheap.The life of entire communities depend on the supply of life-giving water.

All major human city located near water.People for a long time settled in places where it is possible to survive, but if there is no fresh water, then life would be impossible.Therefore, the sources from which feed on human settlements, must be especially guarded.If there is contamination of the water body, it can stay without water thousands or even millions of people.

each contaminated body of water, even located far from the city or village, still poses a risk.The water from it evaporates, forms clouds and falls as rain on the surrounding area.The so-called acid rain that falls on the ground water mixed with chemical wastes of different industries, are no longer a rarity.They are a danger to all living things, as well as other bodies of water.

There Uzbek proverb, drop by drop - formed lake, and if you will not drip - that forms the desert.Keep water and water - it's the same thing as to protect and preserve life on the planet, to care about the beauty and prosperity of the world in which they live not only people, but also many other living beings.