Types of radiators, their merits and demerits

When outages coolant or lowering its temperature (in Russian conditions, alas, it is not uncommon), cast iron radiator for a long time cooling down, keeping the heat inroom. Cast iron sectional radiators familiar to some people from the times of the USSR.Even today it is very popular, thanks to its main advantages: relatively low cost, resistance to corrosion and the possibility to drain the water from whatever frequency.Most cast iron radiators for operation at a maximum temperature of 110C coolant, and at working pressure in the range 9-12 atmospheres.

main disadvantages of such
a battery - it is a lot of weight and fragility inherent in cast iron as the material.Cast iron radiators not tolerate as a random external shocks and hydraulic shocks that occur due to a sharp pressure drop in the coolant.In addition, its appearance is not particularly attractive. truth are very aesthetic design radiators made of cast iron, but they are much more expensive, so it is too expensive for some people.

Among foreign manufacturers of cast-iron radiators, it is necessary to pay attention to the company's products konner.

aluminum radiator combines lightness, elegance and reliability.This material, unlike cast iron, high thermal conductivity and low thermal inertia, making it very quickly heats up (but just as quickly and cools down, the coolant temperature is lowered).Aluminium radiators are manufactured in two ways: by means of injection molding and compression.

main disadvantage of aluminum radiator - demands for quality coolant.It is therefore recommended to connect it to the heating system, using water is guaranteed a good degree of purification or antifreeze liquid.Moreover, thanks to the chemical activity of aluminum available electrochemical corrosion at its contact with the steel.It is therefore necessary to use a brass, bronze, cast iron, or adapters.

should also be noted that the majority of foreign manufacturers producing aluminum radiators, designed for the maximum pressure of the coolant in 6 atmospheres.So if you want to buy an aluminum radiator, look for models that are adapted to Russian conditions, and can operate at a higher pressure.The good reputation of the company are aluminum radiators SEAGULL.

Steel radiators are sectional, tubular and panel.Sectional radiators designed for a lower pressure (not higher than 6 bar), so rarely used.Panel Radiators - is the most common type.They can be operated at a pressure of 10-15 atmospheres and coolant temperature to 110 ° C.These radiators are compact and relatively lightweight.Tubular steel radiator has very good performance, but at a cost approaching the design of cast iron.

The weak steel radiators should be noted, first of all, their poor corrosion resistance after emptying the system.They are therefore particularly suitable for installation in closed heating systems of low-rise buildings.

Bimetallic radiators combine the advantages of aluminum and steel.They are very strong, durable, easy to withstand sudden changes in pressure and temperature.In addition, these radiators are undemanding to quality coolant.Therefore the bimetallic heater can be installed in any building.The disadvantage of this type of radiator is its higher cost, as compared with aluminum.

How to choose the radiator

Selecting a radiator depends primarily on the heating system in the building.If you have apartment with central heating, it is best to buy a bimetallic radiator.You can certainly put a cast iron or steel panel radiator, but it is risky in view of possible sudden changes in pressure, and in the heat transfer are noticeably inferior bimetallic.Aluminum as radiator can fail prematurely due to poor quality coolant.

If you need a radiator for heating a country house, to ensure good heat transfer, meaning you do not have to install relatively expensive bimetal device.You want a cast iron, steel or aluminum radiator.

for heating the administrative and public buildings is quite suitable steel panel radiator.Before installing the radiator, read reviews on the forum, get as much information about manufacturers and products, prioritize and evaluate their financial capabilities.