There are several types:

  • ball valve;

  • pressure valve;

  • valve disc and box with built-in cartridge instead of pads.

ball valve is equipped with a circular ring with a lever on the handle, which is attached to the crane by means of planting the screw.Under the cover is a round disk.Inside of the crane is a plastic or metal bowl.

To fix the crane of this type should be the key to remove the screw from the handle.Then you need a good tighten the thumbwheel.After that set the knob and check valve flow or not.

If the valve still leaks, it is necessary to untwist the cap and completely disassemble the valve: remove the copier, the O-ring and a rotating ball, and then remove the springs and valve seats with a screwdriver.

Now tighten the upper gander scrolling it around the axis.Then, a complete replacement: rings, springs, goose, holes for the valve ball, O-ring, and the copier.After that the crane can be assembled.W


fix damage in the pressure tap, you first need to disassemble: remove the handle and valve cover and pull the plug, available stock.Next, the replacement of the spindle seal and a circular disc.The rod is lubricated using the heat-resistant lubricant.Thereafter, processing to assemble the crane.

Remedy breakage crane having a cartridge can only replacement of the cartridge.

reconditioning operation of the crane or crane disk cartridge is held in a clearly defined sequence.First, the index cap is removed with a screwdriver, the screw is turned out and remove the tap handle.Then you need to turn the set screw and remove the insert in the handle.After that the housing cover removed.Then unwind the screws that secure the cartridge and replace with a new cartridge.After that the crane can be assembled.

order to repair grooved valve, remove the index cap and untwist the screw.Further, the lever goes up and the handle is removed.

Then the tap body locking nut is removed (you can use pliers), removed the cartridge lock (looks like a flat bracket), replacing the cartridge with a new twist and screw.

After that you need to tighten the gander is good, clean and replace the old disks with new ones.Now you can assemble the crane.