you need
  • - a wooden or rubber mallet;
  • - caps;
  • - benders;
  • - cutters;
  • - a special attachment.
before installing the pipes, determine the temperature of the air in the room.Installation work must be carried out at a temperature more than 10 degrees above zero.If the bay metal pipes were transported in sub-zero temperatures, soak them for a day in a warm room.Only then proceed with the promotion.
Cut the pipe with special cutters at an angle of 90 degrees.Calibrate (align) the circle mark the place where it will be connected to fitting.Put on the section marked fitting and secure it.Metal pipes are flexible, so for mounting additional components (connecting corners or knee) is not
required.Installation of a press-fitting is performed using special equipment for metal-soldering.
Secure finished pipe by means of special fasteners so that the pipe can move freely in the direction of its axis.With horizontal mounting method of laying pipes should be installed every 50 cm pipe for vertical mounting - every meter.
Secure valves and manifolds which are equipped with utilities.Use the self-contained fixed mounting that prevents additional load on tap water or heating system in use.
Before use, check the pipeline for leaks.