you need
  • - building a gun;
  • - aquarium silicone;
  • - liquid nails;
  • - masking tape;
  • - Roulette;
  • - hacksaw
  • - knife;
  • - spatula;
  • - hair dryer;
Of all the kinds of curbs plastic version is the most modern and inexpensive for the protection and decoration bathroom.In addition to the good performance it is different and more easy to install.This product can be installed under a tiled floor or on him.The latter option is much easier and more practical device in use.
Before purchasing the curb side of the tub make measurements in places where it is adjacent to the wall.Added to the result in the area of ​​the length of 1 meter, so that when errors in calculating or errors in the process have a backup material.Will r
equire decorative finishing elements for closing joints and edges of the curb.
place to install the future border thoroughly cleaned.To remove large deposits of lime can be applied neat knife, finally clean and degrease the surface using household chemicals.Additionally, the wall can be disinfected with a solution of bleach.After this the appropriate place should be well dried using a hair dryer.
Our next step is cutting the plastic moldings.Hacksaw saw off band of the correct size and applied to the installation by checking the accuracy of measurements made.The edges of the curb, which are subject to dock, zapilivajut at an angle of 45 degrees, leaving the upper end slightly longer than lower.Without lifting produced segments plinth with bath, both horizontal sides glued masking tape, leaving a gap to the border of 2 mm.This will serve as a clear boundary for the application of liquid nails.
plinth was removed and applied for a seat liquid nails.Before this procedure is better to cover the surface of the bath with old newspapers or rags.The border is applied to the installation place, trying to press it evenly to the surface over the entire length.30 minutes later you can begin to remove excess joint compound.
made further work on sealing the joints.It is the junction of the border, with the bathroom and the wall.For this purpose, it is best suited silicone sealant.A more precise application of the substance can be achieved by using a special gun.Gently squeezing the sealant out of thin spout package filled space behind the skirting board, with very fast removing excess rubber spatula.After the end of this procedure must be at least 24 hours to complete curing of the adhesive and protective compounds, and bath can be used.